How To Use A Vape for Cannabis

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Cannabis vaporizers have gained immense popularity over the last few years. Besides removing the need to search through pockets for a lighter, there are many other long-term benefits to vaping. For those who want to inhale cannabis for medical reasons, vaporization is important. Whether it’s a greater level of control or the fact that it offers consistency in dosage when being consumed, vaporizers have succeeded in being a safer and healthier choice for the novice as well as long-term users.

Those who are new to the vaping world, and don’t know how to use a vape, they must know that there’s a lot to learn. This guide will look at the basics of vaping, how to use a vape, and things a beginner vaper needs to know.

What Are Vapes?

Technically, vaping is an act of inhaling a fine vapor made from liquid or cannabis that’s heated in an electronic device or electronic cigarette. The process of vaporization doesn’t involve any sort of combustion. Instead, the material is heated to a certain temperature which is also known as it’s vaporization point. At this stage, liquid material will convert into either a gas or vapor. Usually, three types of materials can be used to vape including dry herbs, wax and oil.

When it comes to defining vapes, they are portable electronic devices that are designed to release inhalable vapor. There are various types of vaporizers; however, all of them contain almost the same components. These include:

●       Heating chamber

It is a setting where the cannabis plant is introduced and heated to produce vapors. The look, size and position of the heating chamber can vary from one brand’s model to another. The feature that makes top-notch vaporizers stand out from the rest is their ability to heat the weed from several sides. This way, it allows the maximum amount of heated air to pass through the material.

●       Power source

Vaping device requires some sort of power to heat the material. While many vaporizers are required to be plugged into a wall outlet, there are some that are powered by rechargeable batteries.

●       Vapor pathway

This is the part where vapor produced from heating chamber travels through the vape so that it can inhale via a mouthpiece.

●       Temperature Control

Some vaporizers also come with temperature control which allows users to tweak the temperature up to their liking.

●       Mouthpiece

It is a setting where inhalers put their mouth to inhale the vapor. The design of mouthpiece differs greatly amongst a variety of vaporizers. While some like to choose rubber or glass pathways, there are many who prefer inflatable bags which brings the convenience of multiple inhalations to the consumer.

Why use a vaporizer for cannabis?

Cannabis users find vaping as the most convenient method to consume cannabis. This is because people who vape cannabis assume it to be a safer and healthier alternative to smoking. In addition, cannabis vaporizers are particularly designed for vapor inhalation without harmful toxins.

The reason behind using a vaporizer for cannabis lies in getting immense benefits from vaping. The process of vaporization allows cannabis to be heated at a lower temperature as compared to direct flame heating. This is how vaporizers allow inhalers to breathe cannabis in vapor form rather than smoke. The vapor production from vaporizers allows medicinal cannabinoids (that are located within the plant) to instantly reach the brain through the bloodstream. Those who use a vaporizer for cannabis can consume as much as 95% of the cannabinoids from their weed which makes them truly pure and a potent choice.

Furthermore, they are so efficient that it only takes seconds to provide relief to patients from their painful symptoms. Since vaping allows heating of weed at a lower temperature, it also helps in limiting the number of potentially damaging irritants and compounds that are usually present in cannabis smoke.

Benefits of Using a Vape

●      Health benefits

Vaping offers the potential for individuals to reduce their health risks by using an e-cigarette in place of regular tobacco cigarettes. It offers a purer, safer and healthier experience. A vaping unit heats up cannabis to a certain point where it causes the cannabinoids to vaporize, without causing the material to burn. As a result, produced vapor doesn’t include any harmful toxins and gases which are usually found in smoke.

●       Affordability

Some evidence confirms that vaping devices are more efficient in terms of getting the most out of cannabis. This means that less is more to achieve the same experience. If you like the efficiency of 30%, it means you will be using a one third less weed than usual, which ultimately leads to considerable saving over a period of time. Unlike the rising cost of buying cigarettes today, vaping is therefore quite affordable. Even, a starter kit for vaping can be bought for about half the price of a carton of cigarettes.

●       Odor-free

The fact that vaping device doesn’t expel any unappealing odors is encouraging users to make a switch from traditional smoking products to a vape option. After all, no one likes the smell of smoke that tends to linger on the hands, clothing and hairs for hours after smoking. By switching to vaping devices, many of nasty odors go away. Even, a vape uses different flavors which make the overall experience more desirable for everyone around.

●       No experience is required

There are many vape options out there that cater to the beginners and require no prior experience. Few examples are pod vapes and beginner vape starter kits. These vapes are draw-activated, where vapers don’t need to press a button to inhale vapors. Instead, they will puff on these vapes and it will automatically engage. Such ease and convenience it comes with confirms the fact that vaping is for everyone.

What Are The Proper Temperatures For Vaping?

What’s the best temperature to vape at? Well, the best part about vaping is that it allows precise control of temperature which can have notable effects on how a specific strain would feel to the body and mind.

Those who want a simple, quick and healthy way to consume cannabis should prefer giving vaporizers a try. As much as getting the right vaping product is necessary, the temperature at which cannabis is being burned is as important. After all, the right temperature of vaporization can make a huge difference in both flavor and health. Hence, it is important to have a cannabis vaporizer with accurate digital temperature control.

A lot of things can affect the ideal temperature to vaporize your blends. This includes the type of material, humidity, and density. Try starting out at 315°F (157°C) and see the flavor profile. At this temperature, don’t expect a lot of vapor but just a lot of flavor. It seems great for new users and for those having low tolerances. If you’re going for a more intense feeling or a lot of vapor, then you can turn the vaporizer some degrees up to enhance your relaxation.

Keep in mind that each material and its healing properties have a different boiling point. This is why a variety of compounds in a cannabis dose will vaporize at different temperatures so that it can be available for absorption by lungs. The temperature range at which all cannabinoids vaporize lies between 157 and 220 degrees Celsius. Avoid high temperatures as it will deteriorate the flavor and smell of cannabis.

Since vaping needs differ from one individual to another, only experimentation can tell about what temperature suits them best. In order to make sure vapers are getting exactly what they need, here is a vaping temperature table that suggests an ideal temperature for a better vaping experience.


Compound °C Details
THC 157°C THC is a cannabinoid with the lowest boiling point. This is the minimum temperature that’s needed to feel any psychoactive effects while vaping. It induces relaxation and sense of euphoria.
CBD 170°C At this temperature, more CBD will enter into the vapor which is well considered for its medicating benefits. The compound also negates the side effects of THC. This temperature is good for beginners or for someone testing out a new weed.
DELTA-8-THC 175°C At this temperature, some bold flavors start releasing into vapor which makes it the most comfortable vaping temperature for cannabis. This cannabinoid is also responsible for anti-nausea properties of cannabis.
CBN 185°C CBN is helpful for someone suffering from insomnia or sleep disturbances.
CBC and THCV 220°C As temperature breach 220°C, more exotic compounds like THCV and CBC begin to evaporate, where CBC cannabinoid is known for its anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Those who like to explore the deeper highs can play around in this temperature.



As more and more people find cannabis vaporizers to be their choice of use, it is crucial to have a good understanding when starting out. Also, it is important to care about temperature when vaping cannabis to unlock the best flavor and aroma potential without burning them.

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