Tips to Properly Store Cannabis and Keep it Fresh Longer

How to store cannabis

Cannabis, just like other items, can spoil. Do you ever wonder how long it takes for weed to lose its potency and shelf life? As per the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, cannabis has the potential to remain stable for over two years. However, to ensure this life, cannabis must be stored properly. Since there is no clear expiry date for weed, you must keep weed fresh by proactively storing it properly. Let’s learn how to store cannabis properly.

When it comes to cannabis storage, putting it in a rolled-up bag and stashing it away in the pockets of trouser will not classify as “proper storage.” Instead, you need to create the best environment to stop the weed from becoming spoiled.

Why does weed go bad?

Before understanding how to store it and ways of keeping weed fresh, it is important to highlight why weed goes bad in the first place.

There are three major contributors to spoiled weed. This includes the following:

  • Light: Overexposure to light can cause the weed to go stale.
  • Humidity: If the air that surrounds the weed has a high humidity ratio, the chances are it will get spoiled at a faster rate.
  • Temperature: Hot temperature and climates negatively impact the life of cannabis.

How to store weed?

In order to combat the factors that cause the weed to get spoiled, it is essential to store your stash in a dark and cool place. This helps in avoiding the negative effects caused by light and hot temperature.

Moreover, it is advised that an airtight container is used to store it. This helps in keeping humidity consistent. Tools will need to be used to measure the humidity before storing weed. The levels of humidity should be kept between 59 to 63 percent.

Here are the different methods of how you can store your pot:

In preserving jars

One of the most common ways of storing pot is in preserving jars like this one. Ensure that the rubber seals are durable and tight on your jar. This guarantees that the lid won’t get loose leading to air entering the jar. Use these packs to help revive cannabis that has dried out.

Commercial humidors

While these humidors tend to be expensive, they are considered by the masses to be the best container for storing cannabis. This is because they help in keeping humidity stable in the environment, which is one of the leading causes of spoiled marijuana. Check out these ones from Cannador.

Vacuum Seal Bags

There are various vacuum seal bags available in the market. These bags suck out all the air, thereby limiting the chance of cannabis getting moldy. However, because they are compressed, using these bags for storing cannabis can lead to losing the quality of the bud. On the other hand, the taste and aroma of pot remain preserved.

Tips for keeping weed fresh

Here are some tips that can help you in keeping pot fresh for longer periods and preventing it from going bad.

How to store cannabis
Store cannabis in glass jars

Glass jars are your best friend

Among the various methods illustrated regarding storing weed, storing it in a glass jar is the most cost-effective and convenient way. And the best part is that it works as well. All you must do is find an airtight glass jar (like this one), and your cannabis will remain fresh as long as no air goes into the container.

Store it in a dark and cool place

Regardless of which of the ways you choose to store the pot, always put the container in a dark and cool place. This is especially required if you use a glass jar. This is because light can easily enter a transparent glass jar, thereby spoiling the herb.

Try to find a cupboard in your house that is above the reach of children. Make sure the cupboard is cool and does not have access to direct sunlight due to any holes. Storing your weed in the cupboard stops the formation of mold. Also, the temperature should be within 70 degrees. Anything above it can cause mold to be formed.

Never use a Fridge or Freezer

Just because weed requires cool temperature doesn’t mean it should be stored in a freezer. Why? This is because fridges tend to have temperature and humidity fluctuations. This is not the desired environment for cannabis. Not to mention that freezing the buds can make them brittle. This may lead to trichomes breaking off from the pot, leaving you with weed that is not as effective as it once was.

Choose the size of the jar carefully

The size of the jar to store the cannabis in matters a lot. You do not want a too small jar nor one which is oversized. This is because the larger the jar is, the more oxygen will enter it. Therefore, the container size should be according to the volume of cannabis. Once your stash diminishes in volume, switch to smaller jars to preserve the quality and effect of the herb.

Store your stashes separately

If you have more than one type of cannabis, don’t make the mistake of storing them together. Instead, each weed may have differing characteristic. Hence, they should be stored and labeled separately. This helps in maintaining the uniqueness of the taste of each herb.

Summary of Do’s and Don’ts of Storing Weed


  • Separate different strains of cannabis for storage.
  • Store weed in the dark and never expose to direct sunlight or artificial light for prolonged periods.
  • Temperature range of 5 – 22 degrees C should be maintained. Molds and mildews thrive in temps of 25-30 degrees C.
  • Humidity level of below 65 percent must be sustained. The ideal level to prevent mildew and mold is 59-63 percent. Levels below 55 percent risk drying out the trichomes and a loss of resin. If storing large quantities of cannabis, you should invest in a hygrometer.
  • Store cannabis in air-tight glass as exposure to oxygen will decrease potency.
  • If not stored in a dark area you need to use a colored glass. Clear glass will allow light to degrade cannabis trichomes.
  • Maintain some air in a storage container as a complete lack of air will disrupt the humidity, which may degrade or contaminate the flowers.
  • Always avoid heat and moisture as the heat will dry out the herb, while moisture can cause dangerous bacteria to form. Coughing and irritation of the throat and lungs can be caused by overly dry herbs.


  • Never freeze cannabis.
  • Cannabis should not be exposed to the air (unless it is being dried).
  • Store herbs in a freezer or fridge as it increases the chance of mold and mildew due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Excessively handling cannabis. Doing so will knock off trichomes and decrease potency.
  • Use a tobacco humidor, which is typically made of cedar and contains oils that may change the flavor or aroma of cannabis flowers.
  • Store fresh herb with dirty pipes, bongs, or half-smoked joints (roaches). The smell of the burned cannabis will taint the fresh flowers.



Store cannabis properly. Then you can truly enjoy the experience the product provides.

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