Is it Safe to Buy Cannabis Online?

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Cannabis was legalized in Canada last October which makes it possible for Canadians to buy weed online without a license. Discrete and safe web delivery services are available all over the country. It is in some ways better to get pot online because there is a wider range of strains and variations and the package is delivered right at your doorstep.

The non-descript packages keep the purchase private and the mail cannot be tracked by anyone. Purolator employees practice discretion when delivering the marijuana and they follow the specific instructions they have been given when handling such items.

With that being said, there are many sketchy websites out there selling cannabis using false claims and advertising. It is advised that you be careful and practice responsible shopping when buying pot online. Below are some tips that will help you navigate the web when purchasing cannabis and having it delivered to your home.

Benefits of Buying Online

It is the age of the internet and us humans are used to convenience so it is always a bonus when something we want can be done in less time and with not as much effort as it usually would. Ordering online and home delivery services are an example of that. Click one button and you can get what you want! There is no longer the need to drive to the nearest dispensary which can be quite far for some people.

Buying online provides a wide collection of cannabis at your disposal. There are many strains on the websites that you normally wouldn’t find at a dispensary.

Verifying the Website

Even though the internet makes everyone’s lives easier, you can’t trust everyone. Scammers, con artists and hackers can make your life harder. When you go to a new website, you should always verify whether or not it is legitimate. When you buy cannabis online, it is recommended that you take the precautions necessary before giving them your money.

The first step would be to make sure the dispensary is a reliable one. It is best to scan through the website with a critical eye. This means check the contact information, social media pages to see if they look like a professional operation. Other than that, there are online forums where customers post their experiences buying online which can help you find out whether or not a seller is trustworthy. Do not trust someone on message boards or comment sections because they could be scam artists. Do not pay any purchase to a cannabis site by e-transfer, as quite a few illegal sites are using that payment option.

buy cannabis online buy legal cannabisChoose the Best Strain for You

Before you buy cannabis online make sure that you have done your research and know about the different kinds of strain available. If you have a medical condition, then you should also read up on the recommended THC/CBD content that will help manage your symptoms (discuss with your physician). Different strains can invoke different reactions so you should buy responsibly.

It is very easy to search for the benefits and effects of different types of strains. You can decide whether or not it is appealing from the description given. Some websites also have a contact us email which you can ask any questions you might have.

What Can You Buy Online?

Online dispensaries sell various marijuana products. Vape and vaping products can also be bought online to make it easier to consume these concentrates.

CBD products are also up on the internet with variations such as concentrates and oil valid for home delivery. These types of marijuana items have medical benefits and they are mostly used by patients because they do not have the same ‘psychoactive effect’. Those suffering from arthritis, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy and even cancer may use CBD products that have been known to manage their illness.

How Much Can You Buy Online?

With the legalization in effect, anyone over the age of 18 can purchase up to 30 grams of legal cannabis. This is the legal limit and applicable to public purchases. It is also permissible to keep large quantities of cannabis on private properties depending on the type of product.

This means when you are buying online you can purchase up to 30g of fresh cannabis.

There is no reason to worry when buying online because it is completely legal and you cannot get incriminated for this act. There are many high-quality weed suppliers on the internet who can discreetly ship the items to you. You can order them from the convenience of your own homes and be as picky as you like. The cannabis is sourced from the best locations in Canada and delivered right to your homes. Just be careful and do your research before clicking the buy button. Remember to support your local dispensaries and order from Vatic.

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