How to use Hemp Wicks – A Beginners Guide

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As more and more cannabis users are becoming aware of what they are consuming, there has been a drastic shift towards safer and organic methods of smoking cannabis. This has led to the rise of hemp wicks. Whether it be due to its pleasant smell or the fact that it produces much fewer pollutants when being consumed, hemp wicks succeeded in being an excellent natural choice for the masses.

What is Hemp Wick and Why is it used?

Before we delve into beginner user tips, let’s first understand the what and why of the equation. What is hemp wick? Well, it is a burnable wick which is developed from hemp that has been dipped in beeswax. You can light it using either a match or a lighter and then the burnt light can be used on a bong, joint, or bowl.

While you could quickly light up cannabis, hemp wick is increasingly being used for two primary reasons. This includes its taste and chemical composition. Hemp, as well as beeswax used in the product, are organic and natural products that do not have even an ounce of refined chemicals. This is in stark contrast to lighters and matches that are equipped with butane and potassium chlorate. These chemicals are inhaled by the smoker during the session and can lead to undesired effects. This hemp wick doesn’t have them to begin with; this problem ceases to exist in them.

Another reason why you should consider opting for hemp wick is its taste. Since the item burns on a lower temperature than what is required in a lighter or a match, fewer cannabinoids are being burnt out during the process. This leads to better flavors. Using a hemp wick will not only make your bowls taste better, but they provide much better precision and control of your burn.

How to use hemp wicks?

Are you a beginner who is wishing to try hemp wicks? Well, you must first learn how to use it. Here is a step by step guide on how you can use hemp wick for the ultimate experience.

  1. Hemp wick looks like twine. And there is a lot of it to unravel. Rather than taking it all and burning it, unwrap only enough of the hemp wick from the roll to wrap around your lighter. Decide on this quantity depending on your smoking needs as well the buffer you think you require to prevent yourself from burning up. Remember, hemp wick tends to burn at a quicker pace depending on the level of humidity and oxygen in the air.
  2. Once you have decided on how much hemp wick to wrap, proceed by lighting up its end very carefully. Keep it lit enough for a consistent flame.
  3. Tie and lace the end of the wick that has been lit to the product. Pull and enjoy the session.

Make sure that you blow out all the new flame that might be present on the wick after you pull it. Do so before it gets extra close to your hand to avoid getting burnt.

hemp wicksThe ultimate beginner user tips

Here are some beginner user tips that will allow you to get the most out of the hemp wick.

1.    Keep it close to the source

Make sure that your hemp wick stays close to the source for the best experience. Wrap it around your lighter and place one of its strands on the base of the lighter. Wrap the rest until you reach the top of the lighter. This method has various benefits including:

  • You can have both the source and the wick in your hand in a small way.
  • The lighter performs the function of a handle.
  • It allows you to have your stash on the go.

When selecting your source, make sure to purchase a lighter extension. This allows you to have compartments in your source for effective placement of the lighter.

2.    Keep the fire ablaze

You don’t always have to use butane to light up your hemp wick. Instead, you can make use of a natural source of fire like a lit candle. This is an excellent way to smoke when you are in a social gathering or camping in the wild. It adds to the overall experience of smoking the herb. Moreover, it also makes the process of re-lighting your wick a piece of cake. Not to mention that hemp wick makes for excellent tinder when starting a campfire.

3.    Make a handheld container for smoking it

If you are a beginner smoking up hemp wick in a group, a great way to do so is by using a handheld container. Make sure that the container has a lid which is fireproof. Make a hole in the center of this lid and place a small spool of hemp wick inside the container. Take out one end of the threat through the hole in the lid and light it to smoke.

There are various advantages to this method. For starters, it makes sharing your stash with your friends quite easily. The moment the fire reaches the lid, it will automatically extinguish, thereby saving you from any harm. Also, the airtight container keeps your stash fresh at all times.

4.    Always keep it fresh

The quality of the experience you have with your hemp wick doesn’t just rely on the source you use or the technique you employ. Instead, the quality of the hemp wick also plays an integral role. Make sure you keep your stash fresh. To do so, wrap up your hemp wick in the form of a spool or ball and store it in an airtight container. This prevents the beeswax from drying out or hardening.

Make sure you select quality glass containers for this job. Also, have some small containers in which you stash your hemp wick when traveling.


Give hemp wick a try. While it might not be ideal for first-time users of cannabis, once you have mastered the initial stages, you can transform your smoking experience for the better by using hemp wick.

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