How to keep your stash safe

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There is a lot more to using cannabis than what meets the eye. People who are interested in using weed must also think about how to store it. After all, proper pot storage is necessary to keep the stash safe from children, pests and thieves! Not to mention that without proper pot storage, the cannabis will lose its effect and might develop mold.

Why do you need to store weed safely?keep your stash safe vatic cannabis co saskatchewan

Here are some of the most common reasons to store cannabis safely.

  • Keeping cannabis fresh
    When cannabis is exposed to oxygen for an extended time period, THC (which is the psychoactive component of marijuana) tends to convert to CBN. CBN or cannabinol is a non- psychoactive element. Therefore, without proper storage, cannabis can lose its “high” effect.
  • Keeping it away from children and thieves
    There are certain things that have no business being within reach of children. And cannabis is one of them. When people fail to store weed properly, it might end up in the hands of a minor. And it is illegal for minors to use the product.
    Moreover, leaving your stash for everyone to see can also lead it to be stolen as well or accidentally used by others. Hence, proper and discreet storage options should be used to keep weed safe.
  • Prevention of odor from escaping
    Cannabis has a very distinct smell. If left in the open, it can convert any space into a dispensary. Unless someone wants the world to know that they smoke cannabis, it is better to store the stash properly in airtight jars.
  • Keeping the flower intact
    An important reason to store weed safely is to keep its flower intact. Some people tend to store their stash in plastic bags. There are various disadvantages to doing so. Firstly, plastic effects the quality of the marijuana. Additionally, it also makes it vulnerable to being crushed. When the flower of the cannabis gets squished, it won’t have as strong of an effect as before.

How to keep your stash safe

Looking for ways to ensure proper pot storage? Here are tips that can be used to store stash.

  1. Store it in locked drawers: An excellent way to make sure that children don’t access your stash is by storing it under lock and key. This is quite an inexpensive solution that always allows your stash to be accessible to you, without posing any danger to minors.
  1. Use novelty stash boxes: Novelty stash boxes, for instance, those who pose as artwork, books or outlets, is a great hiding place. If you have children that are very curious and like to explore new and novel things, this method of storage might be counter-intuitive.
  1. Airtight jars and dark cabinets: To best protect weed and keep it in its active form, it is crucial to store it in an ideal container. This includes an environment which is not too humid, hot and away from sunlight. Since there are quite a lot of external forces working against marijuana, a great way to store it is in an airtight glass container.
    Try to opt for glass containers rather than plastic ones. This is because plastic containers can make cannabis bud to release the moisture out, which destroys the quality of the experience. Once you get the right container, store it in a cabinet which is dark and away from the reach of children. Try to ensure that the cabinet isn’t too hot. Generally, you should avoid any cabinet that is close to the stove since they tend to be hotter than others.
  1. Digital safes: If you are really serious about giving your stash the best protection possible, you might want to consider purchasing digital safes to store your weed. This option is fool-proof as far as pests, children, and thieves are concerned. This is because of these safes open via codes, and in case you enter the code wrong too many times, the safe automatically locks you out from accessing the safe. However, some might consider getting a safe just to store weed to be a tad expensive method.
  1. Odor-less bags: It is hard to hide your stash from minors (teenagers) who may catch a whiff of marijuana and recognize the smell, which might expose your hiding spot in no time. Therefore, you must also ensure that the smell of your stash doesn’t reach their nose. To do so, invest in odor-less bags that help disguise the smell of the cannabis within the package.
  1. Humidity packs: Some people tend to run out of their stash at a faster pace than others. In such a case, merely storing your weed in a glass container may be enough. However, if you are slow with your weed, you must put humidity packs in your airtight container. This will increase the shelf life of marijuana considerably by providing the ideal level of humidity. This, in turn, helps avoid the formation of mould in the cannabis.


Use these techniques to keep your stash safe and stored away from the reach of your children, pets, wildlife and potential thieves. Take good care of your stash. This won’t just allow you to keep it away from unwanted hands but also maintain its quality and effect!

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