What is a hemp wick and why use it?

hemp wick natural cannabis product

When you think of lighting your cannabis, the first thing that might come to your mind is lighter and matches. However, there are various other ways of lighting up your cannabis. And one such way is by the use of hemp wick. In recent years, hemp wick has garnered a lot of fuss since it is one of the most suitable natural cannabis products out there.

What is it?

Hemp wick is one of the natural cannabis products as it is a burnable wick that can be made from natural hemp. This hemp is dipped into beeswax and is lit via using either a lighter or a match. It can then, in turn, be used to light up a joint, bong or bowl.

Hemp wick offers two distinct features. And that is its taste and natural elements. Since both hemp and beeswax are natural products, you do not need to worry about the presence of harmful chemicals in them. For instance, most lighters are equipped with butane and potassium chlorate which may lead to undesirable effects. However, hemp wick lacks all such chemicals and hence are much safer to use. The fact that there are no chemicals and that it is a natural cannabis product also helps hemp wick in delivering enhanced taste. You will achieve better taste due to the fact that unlike a lighter, the hemp wick burns at a low temperature, thereby ensuring that the cannabis doesn’t get burnt. Instead, the low burning helps in getting the most impactful flavour.

hemp wick natural cannabis productWhy are cannabis smokers using hemp wicks?

While there are so many other options available, the question arises, why do cannabis smokers prefer natural cannabis products like hemp wick? Here are some benefits associated with the use of hemp wick that make it a popular choice.

It is better than butane

Did you know that extended exposure to butane can lead to the onset of symptoms like suffocation, drowsiness, and narcosis? This has been proven by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. Lighters mostly are butane lighters. And they don’t just burn at a higher temperature than the ideal one required by the cannabis herb, but they also lead to the occurrence of various ailments. Just like a butane lighter, a Zippo lighter also poses the same problem since it increases the risk of the butane being inhaled, and also poses the risk of destroying the cannabinoids of the herb you wish to consume. This is a likely possibility if you are smoking concentrates like hash or kief. You might have opted for these options because of their superior taste and smell. However, with lighters, their taste can be tainted.

This is why a hemp wick is preferred by cannabis users. Rather than using butane lighters, the hemp plant can be used to light the concentrate. Not only are these wicks legal to purchase but they are also quite inexpensive. This further adds on to the benefit of using them for cannabis.

A flexible option

You can choose how much hemp wick you wish to carry. This is because it has the power of lightly sticking to its own self. The extent of stickiness depends on the thickness of the wax applied on the hemp. This characteristic of hemp wick allows you to carry small bundles in your pocket and they will remain intact throughout your journey.

Best taste and experience

One of the best things about hemp wick is that it succeeds in retaining the original flavoursome taste of the cannabis you are consuming. This is mainly because of the fact that unlike lighters, hemp does not burn at a high temperature. Since it burns slowly at a low temperature, the cannabis effect it creates is both cleaner and less harsh to the lungs.

Since you won’t be inhaling any butane or potassium chlorate, you are likely to not feel uncomfortable during your smoking session. Also, because it burns at a low temperature, it reduces the probability of cannabinoids being destroyed. The more cannabinoids are retained by the cannabis, the more impact it will have on you. So, you can expect to get a lot more “high” when you use hemp wick than when you select other methods of lighting up your joint.


There are a lot of benefits associated with using hemp wick. Cut back on the use of butane lighters and opt for this natural product instead. You are bound to be satisfied with the experience.

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