Differences between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid

indica vs sativa vs hybrid

Cannabis isn’t just cannabis. Instead, there are various types of strains within the umbrella term. This includes Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. To understand which the best cannabis strain for you is, it is essential to understand the differences between indica vs sativa as well as hybrid.

While previously consumers of cannabis weren’t given a chance to choose the type of cannabis they consumed owing to strict laws regarding it, with the recent legalization of cannabis, now you have a choice.

Sometimes a given strain doesn’t produce the desired effect. It may make you feel zoned out or anxious. It doesn’t mean that the given strain isn’t good at what it does; it just means that it is not the one for you. Let’s say that cannabis is just like wine. Some people like one flavor while others prefer something else. Also, each type of strain has its profile, composition, and history.

What is indica?

Indica strains are taken from indica plants that are generally found in the Hindu Kush part of the Himalayas. This is why compared to sativas; these strains are much more resistant to cold temperatures. The indica plant is known to be short and stout along with broad leaves. Indicas tend to have extremely high levels of THC and hence are quite potent. It is believed that the plant develops CBD-dense resin to protect itself from the weather.  Indica strains are known to produce a lethargic and relaxing sensation in the body.

When and why take indica?

Since indica has a significantly high level of CBD than any other strain of cannabis, you might want to consume the product if you are a patient of chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasm or nausea. Moreover, there are various benefits associated with taking Indica. It is best used in the night.

Here are some of the benefits associated with using indica.

  • It aids in feeling relaxed
  • It relieves pain associated with chronic diseases
  • It gives a subtle high when compared to sativa
  • In some cases, it helps reduce nausea and anxiety (not all the time)

What is sativa?

There is a specific type of cannabis plant that is tall and lanky. This refers to the sativa plant. You can call it to be the cousin of the indica plant. When compared to indica, this plant features a longer trunk. Also, it takes a longer time to mature (10-16 weeks).

When and why take sativa?

If you know your cannabis, you might have heard that sativa is referred to as “Daytime” smoke. This gives everyone a fair idea of when is the right time to take sativa. This product is said to provide you with a head high.

The benefits and effects of sativa include:

  • It helps increase alertness
  • It boosts creativity and focuses
  • It increases energy and helps people feel motivated
  • Increases serotonin which helps in improving anxiety, mood, and depression
  • It plays a role in managing depression because of its role in delivering a euphoric feeling

What is a hybrid?

As the name suggests, hybrid strains are a crossover between sativa and indica. Expert breeders may choose some quality sativa and indica strain and crossbreed them to deliver a new strain. This strain is likely to have a combination of properties. Depending on which of the two strain they have in more quantity, the hybrid is referred to as sativa or indica dominant. The strain that is dominant in hybrid causes it to have similar effects like itself.

When and why take hybrid?

As mentioned previously, different people like different things. This is because each of us is wired differently and hence cannabis has a different effect on us all. Compared to sativa and indica, that have strong effects in their respective domains, hybrids are a milder version of the two (depending on the dominant strain present). This makes it an excellent choice for beginners who aren’t sure about their preferences. The benefit of taking a hybrid is that it is much more balanced and tolerable than other types of strains. For someone new to the world of cannabis, this is a crucial benefit to have to ensure that you don’t end up feeling zoned out or paranoid after consumption.

Indica vs Sativa: The comparison

Still unsure about which type of cannabis to consume? Here is a comparison of Indica vs Sativa that might help you decide.

Indica Sativa
Shape of leaf Wide leaves, clustered together Narrow leaves, spread apart
Known Uses Combats schizophrenia, relieves pain and relaxes muscles Stimulates appetite, fights depression, boosts energy
Psychotropic effect Sedates and relaxes various muscles Gives you a “high”, thereby boosting alertness and focus
Used in Night time Day time
THC content Low High
Maturity 6-8 weeks 10-16 weeks


indica vs sativa vs hybridConclusion

As a beginner, you might have only thought cannabis to be a drug that helps relieve stress and anxiety. However, a more in-depth look into it has shown that different cannabis strains lead to different effects. With the recent wave of cannabis legalization, make sure to understand the differences between Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid to choose the best product for you.

It is more than just cannabis. Understand this and choose accordingly.

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