Consume Cannabis Safely: Beginners introduction

consume cannabis safely

Cannabis has been legalized across Canada. Using marijuana for recreational purposes sounds like fun but deciding which way to consume it can be confusing. Whether you’re a beginner cannabis user or an experienced one, the most important thing is to consume cannabis safely. There are certain etiquette and rules of thumb you need to be aware of for responsible usage of the drug. Before you decide which way to try marijuana, take a look at the different methods and also compare edible versus smoking.

How Much Marijuana is Too Much?

First-time smokers can feel the effects off the drug after one or two hits and it is recommended to take a short break afterwards to enjoy the different sensations which intensify with time. It takes time to figure out how much dosage is right for you and once you are comfortable with marijuana, then you can take additional hits for a more powerful effect. Do not feel pressured to finish an entire joint or bowl in one sitting and save it for another time.

For those who want to ingest the drug, starting with no more than a 5mg dosage is recommended. The right amount depends on the metabolism of the person because everyone processes it in their own unique way. It is important to monitor your body’s reaction to marijuana by waiting some time after ingesting. The onset can take as long as two hours but it gets easier to adjust the dosage and tolerance level once you know how much you can take.

Methods of Marijuana Consumption

The way you want to consume the pot depends on the type of product and strain. Most cannabis products contain similar chemicals with psychoactive properties but each type has its own method of consumption based on physical attributes.

Smokingconsume cannabis safely

Rolling up the herb into a joint has always been the most popular technique for marijuana consumption. Other ways to smoke the drug is by using pipes and bongs which can also be used to create a smoke that you can inhale.


Edibles are not sold in stores but can be prepared at home if you are comfortable in the kitchen. Marijuana can be consumed in the form of many sweet treats such as cookies, brownies, chocolate, and even gummy bears. If you are not one with a sweet tooth then you can also try marijuana-infused hot sauce, peanut butter or just about anything that can absorb the flavor. First-time users should note that edibles produce a stronger effect that lasts much longer than when the marijuana is smoked.


Vape pens and vaporizers are the latest must-have accessory because it offers the same joy as smoking does but in a much more discreet way. You can take a hit and put it back in your pocket right after. The vaporizers that are sold for nicotine can also be used for marijuana with some modifications. The only problem with vaping is that the accessories can be a little expensive.

Concentrates and Oil

A concentrated form of cannabis in the form of oil is available in Canada. This is an alternative for those who do not smoke or vape but still want to try the drug. There are many strains available in the form of oils and each varies in its THC content. For entry-level users, oil is a good choice but it is a little tricky to use. With smoking, you can stop after each inhalation to see how you feel but oil is consumed in the form of gel capsules or ingested with a dropper so there are higher chances of using too much.

Edibles versus Smoking

There are significant differences between these two techniques which every user should be aware of. One involves ingesting while the other is an inhalation method. The human body processes marijuana in different ways and if you ingest it, it can elicit a much stronger response that lasts a long time.

Inhaling, on the other hand, gives an immediate high which can peak within 20 minutes after which the person starts to mellow down. To wait for the effects of ingesting to show, a longer wait is required so it is not recommended to the impatient users. So in the battle between edibles versus smoking, smoking wins for first-time users.

Getting Started

  1. Choose a private space where you are completely at ease.
  2. Pick a strain that has low THC content, so you are not overwhelmed by the experience.
  3. Get the smoking device or rolling papers and other paraphernalia required such as lighters and matchsticks in order.
  4. If you want it in a fine powdered form, then remove the stems and use a grinder to crush the herb.
  5. Have an ashtray ready if you are going to be smoking.
  6. Be prepared to feel hungry and thirsty after smoking, so keep snacks and non-alcoholic drinks handy.
  7. Sit back, relax and put on some music to enjoy the experience.

So, if you are a first-timer then it is recommended that you start off with smoking. Start from the comfort of your own home and once you are comfortable with the dosage try the other methods to find out which one works for you.

Now that you have all the information that you need you can move on to the next step. There are many more decisions that need to be made like choosing the right pipe or vape. There are checklists that can help you organize yourself and find everything you need to begin. This may sound like a cumbersome task but it builds up the anticipation. There is nothing wrong with practicing safety and precaution and you can enjoy yourself more when everything goes according to plan. Always remember to consume cannabis safely!

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